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Women's Health

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At Baptist Health, we make women’s healthcare simple. Whether you’re a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt or trusted friend—chances are you often take care of others before you tackle your own health needs. We’re here to ensure your health is a top priority as well.

Explore our extensive resources for women, and get connected with top tier clinicians and care teams in Alabama.

Women’s Health, at Every Stage

Women's Service AwardOur comprehensive services cover the essential health needs for women at every stage of life. Our team proudly offers care to support:

  • Breast Health
  • Gynecological Health
  • Gynecological Surgery
  • Heart Health
  • Maternity Services
  • Pelvic Disorders
  • Uterine Fibroid Treatment

Women’s health at every stage is a priority at Baptist Health with our focus on breast health, heart health and urology/gynecology concerns. Regardless of where you’re at in your health journey or age, our highly qualified staff can connect you with the right team, and get you the care you need all in one place.

Breast Health Services for Women

Mammogram AwardBreast health is a leading concern for many women, and we believe in focusing on early detection and preventative care for all women who step into our healthcare centers.

Our Breast Health Center will coordinate yearly mammograms, which are reviewed twice by the area’s only board-certified radiologists. Regular mammogram screenings and check-ins are standard at Baptist Health, and if your providers find anything from your screenings, the UAB Breast Health Clinic houses a qualified team specializing in breast surgery.

Heart Health Services for Women

Heart disease is a leading health concern for women, and we emphasize close attention to monitoring women’s heart health, especially because cardiological symptoms in women can look different than traditional symptoms seen in men.

Take charge of your heart health and team up with our cardiovascular care services to address any heart health concerns.

Urology and Gynecology Services for Women

Baptist Health proudly offers access to quality urological and gynecological healthcare for women. Whether you’re looking to conceive, are pregnant, experiencing health issues requiring specialists, or looking for preventive care in these areas, you can find the services you need at one of our facilities.

Expecting mothers, can be confident that Baptist Health provides everything you need throughout your pregnancy, delivery and adjustment at home through our extensive maternity care services.

Gynecological Services for Women

Regular pap smears, and gynecological care is essential for all women, and at Baptist Health we make this a priority for our patients, with a wide variety of resources for gynecological health.

If you’re in need of surgery, our gynecological surgery department will be there through every step of your care. Patients can have gynecological surgery for various reasons, including cancer, infertility, cosmetic purposes, elective purposes, and incontinence. Our qualified gynecological specialists treat common women’s health concerns such as pelvic disorders and uterine fibroids.

Obstetric Services for Women and OB Emergency Department

Obstetrics AwardBaptist Medical Center East is now home to the only OB Emergency Department in Central Alabama with an OB/GYN physician on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our partnership with OB Hospitalist Group.