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Patient Bridge

Patient Bridge is a Health Information Organization (HIO) that allows health care providers to securely and quickly access their patient’s health information from other points of care. Accessing an aggregated, patient care document complete with medication lists, lab results, discharge summaries, and more allows providers to be more efficient and better-informed about their patients. This information can improve the speed, quality, and safety of patient care. Baptist Health participates in Patient Bridge HIO. If you are a provider and are interested in joining Patient Bridge, please contact us at info@patientbridge-al.com.

For Patients

Patient Bridge focuses on delivering better care for the patient. Our job is to ”bridge” the information gap that is created when you go from your doctor to a specialist or into the hospital. Your information is always secure, and is only shared with health care providers that are participants of Patient Bridge – never a 3rd party. All Patient Bridge participants comply with state and federal laws, including HIPAA, to ensure the safe transfer of patient information. No action is required of you to participate in Patient Bridge; if your providers participate, they’ll be able to see your information. If you would like to request your data not be shared, you may complete this Participation Change Request Form and fax it to our offices.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, email us at info@patientbridge-al.com or call (405) 215-7991.

Providers who may be experiencing technical issues may email support@patientbridge-al.com.



Patients wishing to opt out can send fax forms to (972) 905-7919.