Lymphedema Treatment Center

An effective way to manage lymphedema

The Baptist Health Lymphedema Treatment Center provides treatment to individuals with lymphedema, a condition that causes fluid build-up in soft body tissues and causes swelling. Lymphedema commonly affects arms, legs or joints, but can affect other parts of the body.

Lymph nodes, also called lymph glands are part of the body's immune system. They are connected like a chain and can be found alone or in clusters all througout the body. They drain continuously to help prevent infectious fluid build-up. When lymph nodes are not working correctly, it disrupts the fluid flow resulting in swelling or lymphedema.

Lymphedema is an ongoing condition and cannot be cured, but with appropriate treatment and continued care it can be managed.

What causes lymphedema?

  • Present at birth
  • Cancer
  • Trauma
  • Infection from surgery
  • Lymph node removal
  • Radiation treatment

The Baptist Health Lymphedema Treatment Center uses complete decongestive therapy (CDT) to treat lymphedema. It is a non-invasive, highly effective treatment and has no side effects. CDT is provided by a certified lymphedema therapist five times a week for four weeks. Treatments can last one to two hours each. Follow-up visits will occur periodically to see how you are feeling.

To make an appointment with a certified lymphedema therapist, you will need a referral from your doctor. To learn more or to make your appointment, please call 286-2852.

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