NeuroScience Imaging Center-(MRI)

True 1.5T Open Bore Magnet

  • 70 cm opening
  • 125 cm deep
  • High field open
  • For patients/up to 550 lbs
  • Claustrophobic patients

 Decreased Scan Times

  • I-Pat technology

 Ultra Lightweight Coils

  • Allow for flexibility in patient positioning

 Superior Image Quality

  • Improved SNR ratio
  • TIM Technology
  • 0.1 Spatial resolution

 Composing Image Technology

  • Allow for seamless entire spine imaging

 Music Available

  • Patients can listen to our radio
  • Bring CD for listening

 Feet First Scanning

  • Some procedures allow feet first scanning for patient comfort

 CD Archiving with Viewing Tools

  • Viewable on any computer
  • Tools for measuring and manipulation
  • Available to doctors and patients

 Highly Trained, Registered Technologist

 Relaxed Comfortable Atmosphere

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