NeuroScience Imaging Center-(CT)

 Enhanced Image Quality

  • Multi-slice system
  • Thinner slice acquisitions

Increased Scan Speed

Reduced Radiation Dose

  • Care Dose technology
  • Over 1/3 less radiation than typical scanners

Broader Range of Examinations

  • Vascular imaging
  • Bone multi-planar imaging
  • All traditional scanning

 3-D Post processing and Advanced Evaluation Tools

  • MPR - Multi-planar Reformatting
  • MIP - Maximum Intensity Projection
  • VRT - Volume Rendering Technique

 CD Archiving with Viewing Tools

  • Viewable on any computer
  • Tools for measuring and manipulation
  • Available to doctors and patients

 Shorter Breath Holds

  • Reduced to about 15 seconds

 Highly Trained, Registered Technologist

 Relaxed Comfortable Atmosphere

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