Core Rotations

The resident will be required to fulfill the curriculum requirements below. Other than longitudinal rotations and three set institutional rotations, the clinical rotation schedule will be designed to accommodate the interests of the resident.


1 month (July)

    Clinical Nutrition/ Pharmacokinetics

1 month (August)

    Critical Care

2 months

    Emergency Medicine

1 month

    Infectious Disease

1 month

    Internal Medicine

1 month


1 month

    Research/Project Management

1 month (December)


3 months

Elective Rotations

Elective rotations will be scheduled and designed to fit the interests of the resident. The resident may choose to repeat any of the core rotations as an elective, choose from the list of specialty areas below, or given the opportunity, request the design of an elective course based on an experience gained while on rotation.

Emergency Medicine II Infectious Disease II
     • Medicine/Oncology
     • Psychiatric Medicine
Critical Care III
     • Cardiology
     • Medicine
     • Neurology
     • Trauma/Surgery

Longitudinal Rotations


Longitudinal Rotations

Administration/Project Management and Institutional Pharmacy Practice will be longitudinal rotations in which the resident will participate and be evaluated upon during the course of the resident year.