IPSMS Named Center of Educational Excellence

The Institute for Patient Safety and Medical Simulation has been named a Center of Educational Excellence from Laerdal Medical Corporation. This honor has only been given to 22 other educational institutions in the United States and the institute is the first in Alabama to receive this prestigious honor. The award will be presented at 2 p.m. Monday, Feb. 7 at the Patient Safety Institute, 855 East South Blvd.  

Laerdal’s Center of Educational Excellence program helps recognize organizations that exhibit consistent excellence in educational programs and philosophy for the purpose of “helping save lives.”  

The institute was awarded the designation after a formal review board, consisting of senior Laerdal Management and independent advisors reviewed the institute’s application. Selection criteria evaluated included a focus on “helping save lives,” commitment to education for excellence in emergency life saving skills, a commitment to philosophy education, close collaboration with Laerdal, as well as excellence in basic skills, simulation methodology, community outreach, educational research, curriculum development and integration.  

The mission of the institute is to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing the likelihood of medical errors. The Patient Safety Institute is a simulated hospital environment with a wide array of patient simulators. A wide variety of healthcare professionals are trained at the institute, including physicians, medical residents, medical students, nurses, nursing students, allied health professionals, firemen, paramedics, military personnel and long-term care facility staff.