What is a compliance program?

A compliance program is a voluntary program that promotes adherence to laws, regulations and internal policies and procedures. A compliance program advances the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse and furthers the mission of providing quality care to patients.


Compliance Program at Baptist Health

Baptist Health and its corporate entities and affiliates have a reputation for conducting themselves in accordance with the highest levels of business ethics and in compliance with applicable laws. This reputation has been achieved and maintained through the integrity and ethical standards of its boards, its officers, and its workforce. 

Baptist Health and its affiliates strive to fulfill their obligations to observe the laws and public policies affecting their business and to interact fairly with patients, physicians, workforce members and the communities in which they operate. It is the responsibility of every Baptist Health workforce member, including affiliated providers operating as a Baptist Health business partner, Baptist Health based physicians and other health care professionals, to proactively identify issues relating to potential fraud and abuse exposure and to comply with the policies and procedures designed to minimize such exposure. 


Values of Baptist Health’s Compliance Program

- Protects Baptist Health
        - Reputation and brand
        - Meets external legal and regulatory requirements proactively
        - Aids in the prevention of and protection against legal and ethical infractions
        - Acts as a cost avoidance mechanism

- Enhances organizational performance
        - Creates an environment in which employees can prosper, have pride, satisfaction and increased productivity
        - Offers guidance in complying and understanding applicable laws that govern the healthcare industry
        - Promotes patient, industry and external confidence
        - Attracts and retains high-quality physicians, staff and leaders
        - Protects business continuity